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Captain America: Winter Soldier Has A Trailer We Can All Believe In

The Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer has arrived and it instantly has me more hype for it than all the trailers for Thor combined. Not that Thor doesn’t look like it will be entertaining but because The Falcon makes his sick ass debut in this joint. Plus we get some insane shots of The Helicarrier catching a bad one, Cap jumping out of a plane in a scene straight from The Ultimates, and of course Scarlett Johansson. I mean I didn’t need much more than her in a tight black suit so everything else is a nice bonus.

  • YC

    I already have Marvel’s money ready for them, this joint looks SICK! Great action, an injured Nick Fury, and Scarlett Johansson in tights! The Winter Soldier doesn’t look corny as a character, he looks like a fucking problem! I really enjoyed the first film and this movie and I think this is a great tonal shift to add more edge to the franchise.

    • And they didn’t put the Falcon in red and white tight. I’m more excited about this than Thor.

  • I have never purchased a Captain America comic. Never used Cap in a video game. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a desire to watch or do anything Captain America related when I was a kid. But his flick was my favorite out of all of the Phase 1 movies, and he was my favorite in “The Avengers”. So I’m definitely all in for this.