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The Breaking Bad Finale Preview Episode With Special Guest Illa YC (FanBrosShow)

Breaking Bad Finale Preview



The Breaking Bad Finale Preview Episode…. Yeah that’s right its time to say goodbye… to all our friends…. No we’re not ending the FanBrosShow, but this Sunday the show that we have all come to know and love is ending. Breaking Bad airs it’s finale this week and the FanBros convened to pay homage to what has been an incredible ride. But that’s not all you’ll get in The Breaking Bad Preview Episode, we also take the time to review Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD, The Blacklist and a few other new fall season shows that you might want to check out. Me and IllaYC go in on Comics I Copped and also give our first impressions of GTAV. Stay with us this ones a doozy. Shouts to J. Ozoria for reaching out to me and helping to edit this episode.  All the little dope sound effects and what not is all him. You’ll be hearing more of his work in the coming episodes. Salutes.

Questions Of The Week:

1. When did a show lose you? What moment made you say WTF during your favorite show?

2. What is still lurking on your DVR? What shows or movie are you ashamed to say exists on your DVR?

  • JDS


    You doing alright, Benhameen? You sound like you got the complete life sucked outta you.

    Tough listen, but I appreciate the upload nonetheless!

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Damn I aint realize I sounded so down. I thought it was a good episode lol.

      • JDS

        Ha! It was a good ep. I eventually adjusted to your tone, but I was thinking, damn DJB. You coulda taken a nap. The internets would just have had to understand lol

      • Ricky Choo

        SMH at Benhameen throwing a shot at me for my Copper spoiler spazz out! You did sound either sick or trying to sound sexy (II) though. Good episode as always, also have you seen this? http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2013/10/phontes-rappertv-show-comparisons-spot/
        I think he is great when will you have on the CJS or Fanbros

  • The only thing missing from this debate was Bob. Great episode guys.

  • Samantha

    Awww, you guys were so awkward this week, but it was funny to watch the pros drop their cool.

    When does a show loses me? When the scope becomes too broad, or outside of the original premise. Prime example: True Blood. I ran and bought the books after the first season and was so impress with how closely the two followed one another. But then the war started and the religious gobbledegook started and I completely checked out of the series. Same thing with Glee. I wanted the music and the dancing and the quirky teachers, not political statements and schmaltz. And that is not a shot at gay rights, just a shot at show runners inserting their personal mission into a show after the initial season and messing up a perfectly fun series.

    I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel like Illa YC thinks Breaking Bad is a Kardashian, great to look at, probably a lot of fun but the hype surrounding them just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Does that mean Ben Hameen is Kanye?

    Jeffrey Wright. I have to wonder what his actually personality is like because he is the definition of a character actor. Whether he is Haitian, Cuban, Creole or undefined negroid, I totally believe him and who is portraying, to the point of wondering if he’s even acting.

    New shows to talk about? I think I will be watching Dracula, The Originals, and Almost Human when they premiere and my mother is drooling over Sleepy Hollow but Blacklist sounds interesting.

    On my DVR Forever? 21 Jump Street. I have been watching 5 minute intervals of this movie for 2 months and I just got to the shoe store scene. Oh, and Kill Bill, my go to movie when there is nothing on.

    Word of the Episode: Murk

    • True Blood I believe is the definition of a show jumping the shark. I could believe the premise of vampires and humans co-existing. But when you throw in witches and fairies, it’s too much for my sense of believability to suspend.

      I don’t keep many shows on my dvr but the first Iron Man stays in there. I love that movie. Anyways good episode, Benha sounded like he just had a big meal. Another comic book I would recommend is Superman: Unchained by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee.

    • HA! @ Benhameen as Kanye. Good one!

    • YC

      Great Kardashian analogy!

  • GRANDfathercloc

    i’m gonna be early and say I was hanging on to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and then they broke out the flying car. I know its in reference to the book but some things just don’t translate, especially to NETWORK television. I will still give the show a chance though hopefully they won’t “NUKE the refrigerator” *good one*

    never had or needed DVR though. still see everything

    • YC

      The second episode was solid. The show is establishing it’s footing and identity.

      • GRANDfathercloc

        yeah i peeped it Friday. Good thing they did with the eye patch HUEman

  • I need to know what show Illayc considers great or at least good?

    • YC

      It really varies. I’m not as nit-picky as it may seem to all the Breaking Bad enthusiasts. My man concerns are that the show establishes its world and is consistent in style, tone, and its ability to provide well developed characters, etc as it delivers on its premise.

      One of the most recent “Good” shows was a joint called Awake. About a cop who would switch realities when he went to sleep, where in one reality his son survived a car accident and his wife survived in the other reality. It was a well executed show and it had a solid premise but again it was potentially limited because once viewers knew which reality was real or ran out of patience with the mystery remaining unsolved, how long could the show be around. The producer said he had a plan to shift the focus but we will never know because the show was cancelled, however it did complete a full season and I definitely recommend you giving it a look.

      Traditionally most TV shows are not written with the intention of being finite, that is a rather new trend. Since that is the case, I’d prefer that a show be solid in attempting to execute its premise from the very beginning with the idea that they will eventually be allowed to reach their end point, but most shows don’t know whether they will make a second season and so the focus is off. For instance, The Sopranos was a good show but what was it about? The first thing that comes to mind is Tony and his shrink – cool. But think on the last two seasons, what was going on there and what was the point? In many regards the show had lost it way and therefore would prevent it from being considered a GREAT show.

      Again regarding the current trend, many shows are built on solid, yet finite premises where once the central mystery is solved or the conceit the show spins upon has run its course there really isn’t much more story to tell. These are the shows where you just know going in that has a certain shelf life.

      The case I make about BB remains the same, it was a good show, but not GREAT. BB had the reverse LOST effect. Whereas LOST started really strong then started to slightly unravel as it became apparent that they didn’t really have a finite plan in mind and were making shit up as they went along, it sort of congealed into what it became. Breaking Bad started off more haphazardly and found its footing by season three. At that point the show was considered a hit and the writers had more breathing room to formulate a solid exit strategy. BB never truly developed the ancillary characters in a way that would have given the show depth, the tone of the early seasons was choppy, and many things were contrived (ie the constant delays of Jesse’s potential death).

  • Ricky Choo

    Also about the episode, I think YC was making great points about BB yet I don’t think it is overrated YET I think the Wire is the G.O.A.T tv show and Lost is basura… I suppose I am in the middle of the argument