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The Breaking Bad Felina Review Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)

Breaking Bad Felina Review


The Breaking Bad Felina Review. Is there anything left to say? Of course there is and you’ll hear plenty more from me this week on FanBrosShow, but for now it’s time for Chico Leo to deliver the goods on this Special Delivery episode aptly titled The Breaking Bad Felina Review. Now that I’ve got the SEO out of the way let’s all pour out a little Schraderbrau for the dearly departed Breaking Bad. It’s too soon, I’m just going to get out of the way so you can get on with reminiscing with Chico Leo on this very special episode of FanBrosShow.

  • Samantha F.

    Every week I alternate between wanting to give you the slow clap or hopping out of my seat and yelling “PREACH”. So many valid points about so many different aspects of the show. Especially concerning the future of t.v. because honestly, how many people were talking GOAT during season 2? People have an intense need to follow early adapters and taste makers and I believe at lease 60% of the hype around Breaking Bad is generated from people who latched on to a pop culture marker late in the game, hoping to seem current and in-the-know. Personally, I look forward to what will come rom a show like this ending and how show creators will challenge themselves to reach further and bring out better content.

  • Great episode, Chico. The sound clips were awesome. Breaking Bad is top five shows ever IMO. It had closure and tied all the loose ends. The moment with Skylar and Walt was just beautiful, everything about it the setup and the acting was spectacular. Hearing Walt finally admit everything he did was for himself and not his family brought it home for me. Sad to this show go.

  • Side note: feline is a anagram for finale.

    • Samantha F.

      Did you see when Tatiana retweeted?:

      KING DUCK ‏@duckydynamo 29 Sep

      “@Heisenberg_Real: Breaking Bad’s final episode is “Felina”

      Fe- Li- Na
      Iron- Lithium- Sodium
      Blood- Meth- Tears

      Also an anagram for “finale””