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FBS Special Delivery No. 21 – The Breaker Of Chains Episode

breaker of chains

The Breaker Of Chains Episode of Game Of Thrones seemed to be the episode where we stepped back and took a breath and just chilled out for a second. Well except for that whole Blurred Lines incident occurring near the *Spoiler Alert* resting place of young Joffrey. Besides that Breaker Of Chains catches us back up with Samwell and his decisions on what to do with Gillie, Arya and the Hound continue their Odd Couple journey, and we see that Daenerys may have the best campaign slogan of all time. Sorry Obama.

  • I’m pretty sure Cersei killed Joffrey because she couldn’t control him. I haven’t read the books but that’s my guess.

  • Samantha F.

    Based strictly off of Ben Hameen’s conspiracy theory from the last episode of Fan Bros and Little Finger smashing the necklace on the escape boat, I am going to say that someone reading the books just spoiled the mystery of who killed Joffrey and how. But still, the sept scene and the Khaleesi scenes were the highlight of this episode.

  • Also at the end when Khaleesi was stunting with the barrels full of broken chains.