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FBS Special Delivery No 46. – Time For A Bobbq


Another Special Delivery and Chico Leo & Kimsonian are back to review the next to last episode of Boardwalk Empire & the second episode of the latest season of The Walking Dead. It’s time for a Bobbq on The Walking Dead as it seems that the number of Black people on the show will remain the same, even with the introduction of Father Gabriel this week. Poor Bob just when we were starting to like your alcoholic self, they had to go ahead and make you into the latest hashtag. #Bobbq is best served warm or cold though? Make sure you subscribe to us on Youtube for all the new updates from the FanBros!!!!

  • Whitty Huton

    I totally think Bob was bitten…he was walking oddly and that crying outside thing just makes me think he was bitten and now Terminus is eating tainted meat.

  • #BobsBurgers

  • WiL D. Palazzo

    so, the terminus crew eating bob’s burgers will = what exactly? Should be interesting to find out how things play out the rest of this season.