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BlackGirlNerds Takeover (FanBrosShow No. 65)




The BlackGirlNerds TakeOver? Pardon the insanity but we couldn’t call this any other title when the BlackGirlNerds are in the building. That’s right we welcome Jamie Broadnax of BlackGirlNerds.Com to the spaceship for a lively interview covering everything from why Jamie started her movement and how it feels to be shouted out by Shonda Rhimes, to the dismal ending of True Blood and why Tatiana & Jamie still have not watched The Wire. Plus Comics I Copped, Tech News with Tatiana, our recap of this week’s Emmy Awards and much more. Including Kimsonian making a startling announcement. Or three. This is a big one folks so kick back and relax to the sweet sounds of the BlackGirlNerds Takeover.

  • So exciting!

  • Del

    Another great episode! One thing though, I seriously wonder if Tatiana likes any movies at all. I’ve actually listened to just about every episode and it seems like she doesn’t like any movies, even if they aren’t out yet. It seems like she’s quick to call pretty much everything wack whether she’s seen it or not. Just an observation, keep up the good work… Big ups to FanBros!

    • Tatiana

      I actually love tons of movies. Many times if I do feel like something will be wack it’s based on the history of films made by the director or writers (i.e Michael Bay). Unfortunately it’s folks like that, that have a majority in movies that pertain to nerd culture. And, save for recent history, “nerd culture movies” haven’t had the best track record. All in all I express my displeasure when the premise or direction of the movie is bunk based on trailers or previews. On FBS if I said or alluded to believing a film would be wack I would actually watch it to give a chance. 9 times out of 10 it ended up being just that–for me–maybe not for others. But yes I love all sorts of movies. And I’ve raved about plenty of others on air which makes me question why you think I hate everything. I’m snarky but not unfair.