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Ben Affleck Is Batman Episode? (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)

Ben Affleck Is Batman


Ben Affleck Is Batman? Yeah the news hit last night so the FanBros had to convene to discuss the horror that has been unleashed upon the geek world. Since Chico couldn’t make it into the escape pod I was joined by Jamie Righetti and Tatiana King to discuss Batfleck, the latest episode of Breaking Bad and the season finale of True Blood. Jamie also previews Saints Row 4 and a few other video game announcements while I try and not retch over the news of Ben Affleck as Batman. No time code this week as the spoilers are kept to a minimum. I mean how can you spoil Ben Affleck Is Batman? I think the casting is spoilery enough. Props to Lorenzo on the spiffy new Special Delivery cover and FanBros Logo, you can check him out here. Also after you listen to the episode scroll down and check Tatiana King’s reaction to the news.


1. Is Ben Affleck a good choice to play Batman?

2. Who should the FanBros Cosplay as at ComicCon?

3. What would you like to see in the next season of True Blood?

  • Samantha F.

    For some reason, the sound seemed really low to me this time.

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Working on it now….

  • Affleck as batman can’t be worst than batman & robin.

    • Jamie Righetti

      man, this is a tough one

      • Batman and Robin was so bad Warner Bros cancelled the Tim Burton Superman with the Kevin Smith script.

  • Izzy G

    1. I guess. I’m more concerned with when the Black Panther and Wonder Woman movies are coming out.

    2. Tatiana= Jakita Wagner. Benhameen= Static Shock. Chico Leo= The Thing. Jamie= Silver Sable.

    • Jamie Righetti

      oh heck yeah – she’s bad ass!

  • Alex R

    I feel like this can work if they DC pulls a “Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin” move and advertise the film as starring Ben Affleck but somewhere in the film’s plot, Bruce Wayne is replaced by a better/younger Batman for the remainder of the movie.

  • Wow, I do not want to be on the FanBros bad side. Yikes!

  • Wait, Samantha was at the meet and greet?

    A live FanBros would be cool or a Movie screening with one of Chico’s pick of the week

  • DC almost had a Wonder Woman movie directed by Joss Wheden.

  • In a perfect world, they would bring back Jack Nicholson as The Joker to buffer the pain of Affleck as Batman. I cant get Affleck RoidRaging on HBO out of my head. Man….my life is over.