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Ato Essandoh Of Django Unchained & Copper Episode (FanBrosShow)

Ato Essandoh

Ato Essandoh joins the spaceship to discuss the recent Harriet Tubman & Russell Simmons Sextape and how it relates to Ato’s starring role in Copper. We also talk about Ato Essandoh being the star of two different Internet memes, how Chico Leo compares as a director to Quentin Tarantino, and what it’s like to be a FanBro in Hollywood. Plus the return of Comics I Copped, Chico’s Netflix Pic of the Week, and we give you a very special #FanBrosClassic. Peep the pic above and do the Smiling African Drummer dance every time Uncle Rush’s name comes up. Why did you have to do it Russell? Why???


1. Can a member of one race play another in a movie, television show or even in cosplay?

2. What would you like to see the FanBros cosplay as at NYComicCon? We will pick up to four winners from the entries we receive and the winners will all get some kind of ComicCon swag. Since there are four of us attending suggestions that are team oriented or work for four people will get special consideration.

  • CeCi

    I didn’t expect that from Russell Simmons…if it had come from Seth MacFarlane I wouldn’t be surprised. Probably more offended but not surprised. I just don’t understand the point..like why? Really, what was he thinking?

  • The Harriet Tubman situation is sad all around. But Russell’s legacy is tarnished forever it’ll be hip hop pioneer, entrepreneur and Harriet Tubman sextape.

  • It’s always awesome to find out that an actor you like is ALSO a member of the Geek Tribe. We would totally hang out with Ato.

    And Russell Simmons… I often say about things “Someone had a bad idea and no one stopped them.” Simmons now trumps Lucas as the ultimate application of that phrase.

  • The Dream

    Al Pacino plays a better Cuban than Cubans. #scarface

  • Samantha F.

    Highlights of the episode: Ben Hameen trying to pronounce Nacogdoches (knacka-doe-shus) and the multiple Russell Simmons burns.

    You have me super pumped to read “Scalped”. I just started reading Manhattan Projects and it is filled with Chicopedia moments and Chew is just grotesque fun.

    Costume suggestions is hard because I find costumes embarrassing most of the time, but since I just started Saga, maybe you can be Alana, Marko, Izabel, and Prince Robot.

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Isn’t Chew awesome??? and Manhattan Projects is just tops.

  • When you guys were talking about Breaking Bad I wanted one of you to yell (Yeah Science!)

  • I’m cool with anybody doing a cosplay character of a different race but blackface is never acceptable. Benhameen had the same exact experience watching episode 1. Even Lucas recognized how bad Jar Jar was he was barely in 2 or 3. I think Chico-pedia is the right alias for Chico Leo dude is a human imdb.

  • Alex R

    Fanbros should do a Days of Future Past cosplay with Benhameen as Bishop, Jamie and Tatiana as Katie and Storm, and Chico as Trask.

    • Genius! I like that one. Also you guys mentioned it in the show but the teen titans would be cool.

      • If we do Teen Titans I gotta be Raven 🙂

    • Storm is my absolute fave. I can dig it!