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REVIEW/RECAP: A-Force #2 -“A Portal…”

In the previous issue the A-Force crew started looking into the mystery surrounding the sudden appearance of monsters in Arcadia. In this issue we get a few more answers. Just a few mind you.

Alright, let’s begin!

The stormy scene in the beginning of the issue reflects the troubles that are facing Arcadia. The submariners have found something underneath the ocean–that something turns out to be a portal. From the way it’s been presented, the viewer has a chance to compare the varying drawing styles of Marvel characters from the two universes; which I thought was cool. They don’t get to admire the portal for long as it soon explodes, sending water flying upwards.A-force #2 portal

The next morning, Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm) is in her room with the girl who fell from the sky in the previous issue. She still blames A-Force for what happened to America, as she tells the girl who’s made of stars that her team had America exiled. I feel like Nico is using the galaxy girl (my impromptu name for her) as a stand in for America. I mean the girl hasn’t done or said much (or anything at all) as a character for the two of them to be that close.
Loki appears and upon seeing the galaxy girl tells Nico they have to tell She-Hulk about her existence. Nico is afraid that She-Hulk will have her exiled (just like what happened to America). It’s obvious that Loki blames Jennifer at least a little bit for what happened. She tells Nico that She-Hulk must be told “precisely because of what she did to–” before correcting herself. I hope this doesn’t create a rift between them and their leader.

Nico and Loki meet She-Hulk, Dazzler and Medusa outside of A-Force headquarters. Nico asks She-Hulk, with more than a little bit of shade, if the galaxy girl’s going to be sent away as well. She-Hulk is visibly hurt by the comment. I feel like Nico is blaming She-Hulk too much for what happened to America; it’s not like she wanted to send her there. We saw how torn up she was when Sheriff Strange said they he wasn’t going to change his mind. It would make more sense for her to be angry at the Thors, or Strange, or at Doom. But I guess it’s easier to blame the messenger you can see than the ‘god’ you can’t.

Dazzler compliments the galaxy girl on her sparkle and they share a moment. If it was a different set of writers, this could have easily been a catty moment, but I’m glad it became a moment of camaraderie instead. Since the new girl can’t talk, Medusa wants to use her hair to examine her mind—against the girl’s and everybody else’s wishes. It seems like Medusa is one who cares about the law more than she cares about the feelings of others.A-force #2 battle

At that moment a portal opens in the sky and a giant robot falls through, determined to destroy the new girl. At the call of “A-Force Assemble!” everyone puts their differences aside, ready to fight. This is more than a little refreshing; I kind of hate it when the characters arguments get in the way of saving the world. This especially tends to be the case when women are the main characters in the story. The galaxy girl uses her powers to teleport people out of danger. She also manages to catch Dazzler as she falls of out of the robot’s clutches.

A-force #2 old manhattanAfter the battle, Medusa is convinced that galaxy girl is the cause of all the portals opening and wants to have her banished. I don’t exactly agree with her idea of punishment but I understand her reasoning; she might be causing the portals and if Doom finds out, they’ll all suffer the same fate as America. She-Hulk doesn’t want to send her away, wanting to investigate the portal first—but you can tell she’s still thinking about America as she says this. The galaxy girl in a child-like fashion gives She-Hulk her hair bow before she flies off into the portal. When She-Hulk goes through she finds herself in the remnants of the old Manhattan. Considering people in Battleworld believe that Doom created everything, I wonder what this means for their belief system now.

See? A few answers but even more questions. Does the galaxy girl really have something to do with all this? What will happen when Doom finds out about these portals? Will Dazzler and the galaxy girl actually be a thing? The next issue can’t come soon enough!