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2016 In BRAPP!

It is clear 2016 was a good year for the Fanbros. Not only did the roster expand, Fanbros premiered a host of new shows for enthusiasts across all spectrums. During the same time, Fanbros Show welcomed over 20 guests in 2016, from various mediums and industries. Each guest was unique, bringing their own flavor to the mix. Still, the signature element of any Fanbros interview is the BRAPP segment.

Throughout 2016, I have been tracking the answers of the guests from the BRAPP segment. I began this record keeping as a way to get a feel for the shared interest of the guests and to see what BRAPPs were being picked. What you will find below are the results of the thirteen most asked questions. Why thirteen? Not all guests were asked the same BRAPPs. Most BRAPP segments feature the “Chico Leo Stinger” a question Chico would create on the spot, while other guests had BRAPPs specifically about their work. Also some BRAPP questions like “Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow” were retired early in the year. Meaning there wasn’t enough data to collect. Another thing to keep note: some guests in their hearts of hearts would not answer questions either for personal or political reasons.

 Falcon vs War Machine

Early in the year, these two were evenly matched. However, something changed around Summer (most likely Captain America: Civil War) that saw War Machine run away with multiple weeks of back to back votes. War Machine wins the best black friend award 43% to 38%.

Luke Cage vs Black Panther.

This was by far the most contested BRAPP. Guests would go back and forth, week after week. Given both characters had such a big year, it is a easy to take a few guesses why. Also many guests talked about growing up with these two characters, so choosing one was difficult. No other question caused the most heartbreak and displays of fierce loyalty as this BRAPP. A factor in Luke Cage ultimately coming out on top 38% to 34% is likely because a good portion of  guests just could not choose between the two.

Lex Luthor vs Dr. Doom

This was a newer BRAPP, showing up more frequently as the year went on. When it did appear, guests loved it and they loved Luthor. Luthor takes this 23% to 15%.

Magneto vs Professor X

Here’s the thing, this BRAPP  showed me Fanbros Show guests do not have any particular love for Charles. Even the ones that did vote for him, did it with much deliberation. Throughout 2016, Fanbros guests dragged Charles’s name through the mud! Magnus easily took this 69% to 27%.

Judge Dredd vs Judge Judy

Contrary to popular belief, this was not a one sided BRAPP. Judge Dredd did not win this BRAPP. Judge Dredd never led this BRAPP. Judge Judy had consistent multi-week picks over Dredd throughout the year giving her a comfy lead. There is a reason why she is the highest paid television judge. She is not to be messed with. Judge Judy easy 54% to 31%.

Wakanda vs Zamunda

Another BRAPP that kept a steady lead over its competitor. I take it not many people want to live in a country with Eddie Murphy’s face on the money. Wakanda wins 50% to 23%.


Superman vs Batman

It’s easy to understand why DC and WB rely so heavily on Batman – people like him. Fanbros Show guests really like him. Guests confidently and consistently chose Bruce over Clark. Batman wins easy 62% to 23%.

The Wire vs Breaking Bad

Something to take note about this BRAPP: when answering this question, many guests claimed to have only seen one or the other. Given our guests backgrounds and interest, it is easy to see why that the show they did see was more often The WireThe Wire 65% to 15%.

Star Wars vs Star Trek

This was looking bad. I was getting concerned for Tatiana for a minute, as it wasn’t until Tim Fielder – five months into the year – that someone finally picked Star Trek. It would be another couple of months before someone picked it again. As the year went on, this BRAPP was kinder to Trek fans. A possible reason for the disparity? The sheer amount of content surrounding Star Trek pushed some guests away from it. Still, at the end of the space flight, Fanbros Show guests prefer light sabers to phasers. Star Wars 62% to 27%.

One Has to Go: Hip-Hop vs Comic Books

If there was any question guests chose not to answer more than any other, it was OHTG. This BRAPP touched people’s souls. The brave ones that did answer, did so with much heartbreak. Once again, given the backgrounds of the Fanbros Show guests, it is understandable why more of them would give up comic books instead of Hip-Hop when forced to pick one. Hip-hop touched their lives firsts. Comic Books had to Go! 38% to 15%.

If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?

A lot of different powers were mentioned throughout the year: Super speed, teleportation, telekinesis. However, the power of flight was mentioned more than anything else. Every few weeks, a guest would say fight. Can you blame them, who doesn’t want to cruise the sky like Icarus?

Character Death That Struck You The Most?

This BRAPP told us a lot about our guests. Each answer came with a little history about why they chose that moment. Even cooler, only one character was mention twice – Jean Gray. This BRAPP was filled with characters like Omar from The Wire, Bambi’s Mother, Aeris of FFVII. Characters from across every medium, even characters who did not even die were represented here.

Favorite Wesley Snipes’ Movie

People mentioned some deep cuts here: Rhythm Nation, Mo Betta Blues. Then there are big hits everyone expects: Blade 2, White Man Can’t Jump and Art of War. This came down to two films: Blade and New Jack City. It was close; however, guest of the Fanbros picked the original Blade, the film that arguably started the modern Super Hero film genre, as their favorite Wesley Snipes’ movie.

What could 2017 hold for the BRAPP segment? Will these trends continue or will we be treated to a whole new set of BRAPPS in the coming year? The only way to find out is to keep listening to Fanbros Show folks!