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    BlackGirlNerds Takeover (FanBrosShow No. 65)

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        The BlackGirlNerds TakeOver? Pardon the insanity but we couldn’t call this any other title when the BlackGirlNerds are in the building. That’s right we welcome Jamie Broadnax of BlackGirlNerds.Com to the spaceship for a lively interview covering everything from why Jamie started her movement and how it feels to be shouted out by…

  • Leftovers Finale

    Is The Leftovers Finale Any Good? (FBS Special Delivery No. 40)

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    It’s The Leftovers Finale Review Episode! Are you not entertained? I mean if The Leftovers Finale review of “The Prodigal Son Returns” doesn’t entertain you then you can still enjoy Kimsonian & Chico Leo expounding upon the premier of the final season of Boardwalk Empire! The first episode of the last season of Boardwalk Empire…

  • Ladies Night

    Ladies Night Feat. Sammus & Girl Gone Geek (FanBrosShow No. 53)

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      That’s right folks it’s Ladies Night here at FanBrosShow as DJ BenHaMeen becomes the only man on the spaceship. Of course Tatiana King is there as the co captain but we also welcome back Girl Gone Geek to the ship and not only that but we also introduce Sammus to the world of the…

  • FBS Special Delivery No. 33 - The Extant Review Episode

    FBS Special Delivery No. 33 – The Extant Review Episode

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      On the new episode of Special Delivery we cover Extant’s premier plus we continue on True Blood’s last season and we wonder why are we still watching The Leftovers when The Strain just premiered. This may be it for The Leftovers on Special Delivery, so let us know in the comments if you are…

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    Walking Dead Finale Review Too Far Gone – FanBrosShow Special Delivery


    The Walking Dead Finale Review Too Far Gone. On the latest episode of Special Delivery Chico Leo discusses the final episode of the latest season of The Walking Dead. Since it’s titled “Too Far Gone” don’t expect this one to end with the cheerful reunion of Michonne and The Governor. Expect it to be a…

  • Homeboy Sandman

    Homeboy Sandman Episode (Feat. @IMPastryStudios & @zoemschwab) [FBS No. 50]

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    On our fiftieth episode we bring you an extra special extended edition featuring the incomparable Homeboy Sandman. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have heard of his recent editorial “Black People Are Cowards”. We discuss the ramifications and the fallout from the incredible piece of writing. Not only is Homeboy an accomplished author…


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  • The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 6: Recap

    I’m back from my vacation and catching up on all things Boondocks. This week Grandad is dating a Kardashian. Not the quiet one. Not the tall one. Not the one that keeps Ray-J relevant. Introducing Kardashia Kardashian, another young women with a lot of booty and a penchant for Black men who used to fight…

  • RayDonovan

    Thoughts On …

    This week’s episode of Ray Donovan: Van Miller’s hallucination’s while subtle at first, provided great comic relief as they progressively became weirder. Ray’s surprise visit to the limo driver was an unexpected solution to the Deonte Brown fiasco.

  • 209106_original

    Wonder Woman, Sex and Comic Book Double Standards (Editorial)

    Wonder Woman and Sex. It’s always Wonder Woman and sex, isn’t it? A few weeks back on FanBros, we discussed the news that Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette had teamed up to work on Wonder Woman: Earth One. While we were in awe of the stunning sample art that had been released, we were also troubled to hear…

  • BreakingBad_2

    Thoughts On …

    This week’s episode of Breaking Bad The episode started off with a flash forward to scruffy Future Walt retrieving a crowbar from the trunk and returning to his now derelict home. The purpose of this house call is to retrieve a vial of ricin, so we at least know that Scruffy Future Walt still employs…

  • Neglected TV Series : Law & Order (1990-2010)

    Neglected TV Series : Law & Order (1990-2010)

      Neglected TV Series : Law & Order (1990-2010) As Breaking Bad comes to a wrap, it has been impossible to escape the chorus of both fans and media chanting, ‘This was the greatest show of all time with the greatest finale ever’. And if you watched the finale, you’d be hard pressed to disagree….

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  • FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Four – Employee Of Tomorrow

    FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Four – Employee Of Tomorrow

    Well damn. Not to give too much away but Employee Of Tomorrow might be our darkest tale yet, even beating out Dallas Penn’s introductory story way back in issue one. Written, drawn, and lettered by Rus Wooton who some of you may know as the letterer to Thief of Thieves and Invincible with colors by…

  • FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Six – Faces

    Today’s tale is written by Eric Skillman (@EricSkillman), Eisner-winning designer of Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand and The Criterion Collection. No stranger to the pen, he’s previously written Liar’s Kiss for Top Shelf and Suckers for Trip City. His script is brought to life by the multi-talented (her line art, color art, and logo design…

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