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  • The Thanksgiving Episode

    The Thanksgiving Episode Feat. Spike Lee & Malcolm D. Lee (FanBrosShow)

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        Malcolm D. Lee joins the FanBros for the extra large Thanksgiving Episode, and of course we speak on the USA Today “race themed” headline fiasco. Benhameen gets a little heated over the nonsense and we discuss why The Best Man Holiday is a film that has a universal message in addition to being…

  • RIP Resurrection

    RIP Resurrection Finale Review Episode (FBS Special Delivery No. 23)


    RIP Resurrection. It seems kind of bitter sweet to say it after two or so months of following ABC’s Resurrection but finally we can say RIP Resurrection. I have to say it’s probably a bit more sweet than bitter as this show has had it’s ups and downs like a T-Pain song. Or a T-Pain…

  • Leftovers Finale

    Is The Leftovers Finale Any Good? (FBS Special Delivery No. 40)

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    It’s The Leftovers Finale Review Episode! Are you not entertained? I mean if The Leftovers Finale review of “The Prodigal Son Returns” doesn’t entertain you then you can still enjoy Kimsonian & Chico Leo expounding upon the premier of the final season of Boardwalk Empire! The first episode of the last season of Boardwalk Empire…

  • Jon Snow

    The Jon Snow Knows Nothing Episode (FBS Special Delivery No. 28)

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        Art by AcidBetta Jon Snow finally gets his time to shine on the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, The Watchers On The Wall and we here at FanBrosShow are here to bring you the recap that you’ve been waiting on. Not only do we cover Jon Snow and his defense of Castle…

  • Amber And Wiz

    The Amber And Wiz Get Blackish Episode Feat. Mega Ran (FBS No. 69)

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    The Amber And Wiz Episode? Have The FanBros completely sold out? Not completely folks but this was such a sudden break up that Benhameen was besides himself with grief. Good thing we also welcome Mega Ran the Chip-Hop superstar to the spaceship! We discuss his career, working with video game giants like Capcom, and why…

  • FanBrosShow Interviews Geoff Darrow

    FanBrosShow Interviews Geoff Darrow (Live From NYCC2013)

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      The FanBrosShow interviews Geoff Darrow live at New York Comic Con 2013. This interview is nothing like I would have expected, as Geoff is one of the funniest people I have met and we went off on tangents ranging from The Flying Guillotine to the movie Teeth and why Pacific Rim is like a…

  • 114335037

    The Pharoahe Monch Episode (FanBrosShow No. 48)


      Yes you read that right, Pharoahe Monch the esteemed lyricist and founding member of Organized Konfusion joins us in the spaceship to discuss his FanBro credentials, as well as his new album PTSD, and many more topics on yet another classic episode. Listen as we delve into the Donald Sterling fiasco, what television show…

  • Top Tokens In Science Fiction

    The Top Tokens In Science Fiction Episode (FanBrosShow)


    Yup we had to do it, since today is Halloween and you’ll see plenty of weird slightly racist costumes we decided to revisit our Top Tokens In Science Fiction list and do a show about it. Not that Top Tokens In Science Fiction is all we talk about, we also stir up the age old…


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  • pacific rim gif review

    Pacific Rim – A Gif Review (No Spoilers)

    Pacific Rim? A Gif Review? I know I know but after seeing Pacific Rim earlier tonight I don’t really have the words to express exactly how I feel about this movie. I mean any review I could do would start and end with go see this movie in the best theater that you can afford…

  • wolverine-soveiny

    The Wolverine Movie Review: I Saw It. Dassit (No Spoilers)

    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego–i mean…Logan. Check the spoiler-free review of The Wolverine movie after the jump and find out if Wolverine’s claws still look like they came out of Roger Rabbit cartoon.

  • spidey2

    REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Spoilers to save you from viewing this crap)

    Only Kanye could say it better but, “Sony doesn’t care about moviegoers.”  To subject the modern movie going public to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reveals that they must really just be doing this for money.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a meandering mess of a film.  Andrew Garfield returns as the titular hero, once again…

  • Lookin

    Nicki Minaj Is Lookin’ in the Wrong Direction (EDITORIAL)

      Nicki Minaj decided to release her song “Lookin Ass Nigga” a week prior to the anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. Why the anger and outcry? It shouldn’t be that big of a deal considering people break out the non-ironic David Allan Coe playlists, corn liquor and  burning crosses Confederate flag t-shirts specifically for February.

FanBros Originals. Digital Comics. Creator Owned. From The Get.


    FanBros Originals Presents – Risen: Baron & Bride (Part Two)

      Mohammed Sillah & Nathan Slack return with the second part of their tale Risen: Baron & Bride (Part Two) in this sequel to the previously published Originals chapter. You can find the first part here, and then return to continue the story of love and loss, betrayal and revenge, and all of the ingredients…

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.16.17 PM

    FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Five – Make It There

    This week’s story is entitled MAKE IT THERE, written by Sebastian Girner, a former Marvel editor of a ton of great stuff including one of my favorite titles PUNISHERMAX and current editor of two upcoming Image titles BLACK SCIENCE and DEADLY CLASS. Art is handled by New Orleans newcomer Kendall Goode, who you’ll be seeing…

  • FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Three – The Precious Few

      The Precious Few is the third in our first series of FanBros Originals, a line of creator owned comics. The first series in the line is Fearless Future, a group of stand alone tales that all tell stories with a science fiction and futurist theme. The Precious Few is written and illustrated by Derek Fridolfs…

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