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    The Confessions Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)

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        The Confessions Episode is the one you’ve been waiting for, as BenHaMeen confesses his love of Breaking Bad’s Sklyar and why she’s the hottest woman on the planet. No not really….  Instead on the latest episode of FanBrosShow Special Delivery Chico Leo reports on the state of television today, in particular last night’s…

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    The Dexter Season Premier Episode (Fan Bros Show)


        The Dexter Season Premier episode with another great moment from Chico Leo, before we can even to break down the Dexter season premier Chico argues why R. Kelly should play the Master Chief in the Halo movie, plus we tell you why you should be watching Defiance & whether or not True Blood is ever…

  • Did Ascension Suck Or Nah

    Did Ascension Suck Or Nah? (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


    Did Ascension Suck Or Nah? Perhaps not the eternal question but a question that our intrepid adventurer Chico Leo aims to answer on the latest Special Delivery. Just in time for the holidays SyFy released the three part series Ascension and we at FanBrosShow were all over it just so we could bring you this…

  • RIP Beth

    The RIP Beth Episode (“Coda” Walking Dead Recap)

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    Well damn, RIP Beth. Hopefully that wasn’t too much of a spoiler but if you’re listening to FanBrosShow Special Delivery then you’ve probably already watched The Walking Dead’s MidSeason Finale and learned the fate of everyone’s favorite singing sensation. The last episode of the first part of the fifth season is entitled “Coda” and the…

  • Nick Pitarra

    Nick Pitarra Vs The FanBrosShow (Live From NYCC)

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    On this special edition of FanBrosShow we welcome Nick Pitarra of the hit series The Manhattan Projects for an exclusive interview. We discuss working with Jonathan Hickman, his influences and of course we run him through the BRAAP segment. Enjoy the interview and make sure you pick up The Manhattan Projects, easily one of the…

  • True Detective Review Episode

    The True Detective Review Episode Feat. @KharyRandolph PLUS CONTEST GIVEAWAY

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      True Detective Review Episode Featuring Khary Randolph On the True Detective Review Episode DJ BenHaMeen returns in time to tell you that True Detective might be the best show of the year and he knows he is saying that in January. We also welcome the esteemed artist Khary Randolph to discuss his work in animation…

  • The Walking Dead Finale Review

    FBS Special Delivery -The Walking Dead Finale Review “A”

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    The Walking Dead Finale Review. Seriously what else do I need to say? Its FanBrosShow with the Special Delivery on The Walking Dead Finale. You know you need to just go ahead and press play on this one. I mean I don’t even know why you’re still wasting time on the intro, you’ve seen The…

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    The White Guilt Episode (FanBrosShow No. 47)


    The White Guilt Episode? Yeah since we had the one year anniversary last week we decided to tackle a serious topic this week and see how long our “advertisers” still support us. The White Guilt Episode is the one where Benhameen breaks down why he thinks White Guilt is the cause of certain movies getting…

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  • The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 7: recap

    After the last episode, The Boondocks could have gone anywhere, like up. Sad to say they didn’t. Now, I know this season Grandad has signed the family into slavery but besides that being a very uncomfortable storyline, this episode took it too far. The Freemans aren’t just slaves on paper, this week they’re living it….

  • AoA_Header

    Batman: Assault on Arkham REVIEW

    There are two things people should know about WB/DC Animations latest feature Batman: Assault on Arkham: One, it is not really a Batman movie and two, it is not very good either.

  • Into the Dalek pic 4

    Into the Dalek: Doctor Who Recap

    The Doctor’s most well known and most hated adversary returns. At the request of a team of rebel fighters, one of whom the Doctor saves from inevitable death in the beginning of the episode, the Doctor and Clara shrink down magic school bus style and travel inside a Dalek. This is no ordinary Dalek though,…

  • RayDonovan

    Thoughts On …

    This week’s episode of Ray Donovan: Van Miller’s hallucination’s while subtle at first, provided great comic relief as they progressively became weirder. Ray’s surprise visit to the limo driver was an unexpected solution to the Deonte Brown fiasco.

  • X-MEN-LEGACY-6-Cover

    COMICS YOU SHOULD READ – “X-Men: Legacy”

    Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Tan Eng Huat Synopsis: The premise of X-Men: Legacy has shifted focus several times over the years, from that of Professor X’s solo adventures to Rogue educating mutant children, and now the story focuses on David Haller aka Legion. Legion is the son of mutant leader and X-Men founder, Professor X, who recognizes that…

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  • Risen_01

    FanBros Originals Presents – Risen: Baron & Bride

    Just as Fan Bros aren’t always just bros, they are often not just fans. When one such listener, Mohammed, contacted us wanting to debut his IP as part of the Originals line, we were happy to discuss it. We established some parameters and it’s safe to say he and his team went above and beyond.the…

  • FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Three – The Precious Few

      The Precious Few is the third in our first series of FanBros Originals, a line of creator owned comics. The first series in the line is Fearless Future, a group of stand alone tales that all tell stories with a science fiction and futurist theme. The Precious Few is written and illustrated by Derek Fridolfs…