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    FBS Special Delivery No. 26 – She Blinded Me With Science


    Its Memorial Day so no Game Of Thrones but the FanBrosShow take no days off! On this episode of Special Delivery we cover BBC’s Orphan Black & Showtime’s Penny Dreadful! Tune in with the FanBrosShow as we ask the question of the week: Out of the cast of clones on Orphan Black which would you…

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    The White Guilt Episode (FanBrosShow No. 47)


    The White Guilt Episode? Yeah since we had the one year anniversary last week we decided to tackle a serious topic this week and see how long our “advertisers” still support us. The White Guilt Episode is the one where Benhameen breaks down why he thinks White Guilt is the cause of certain movies getting…

  • Transformers Is The Best Movie Ever

    Transformers Is The Best Movie Ever? (FBS No. 58 Featuring Shawn MartinBrough)

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      Transformers Is The Best Movie Ever? Highly Doubtful but the FanBrosShow is once again here to cut right to the chase as we give our review of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction. That’s just the beginning of this episode as we welcome the acclaimed comic book artist Shawn Martinbrough to discuss working with Robert Kirkman…

  • Young Guru

    FanBrosShow No. 40 – The Young Guru Episode

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      Young Guru is one of those people in the business who is always going to tell it to you straight, and on the episode of FanBrosShow he brings that same sensibility to the spaceship. There’s so much knowledge dropped on this episode that I don’t know where to start but we speak on whether…

  • No Love For Black Jesus

    FBS Special Delivery No. 36 – No Love For Black Jesus


            On the latest Special Delivery the FanBros show no love for Black Jesus, even though his herald Chico Leo joins Kimsonian for this rundown of the best in television. Instead of showing more love for the Chocolate Messiah the FanBros speak on True Blood, The Strain, Extant and a few more…

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    The Dexter Season Premier Episode (Fan Bros Show)


        The Dexter Season Premier episode with another great moment from Chico Leo, before we can even to break down the Dexter season premier Chico argues why R. Kelly should play the Master Chief in the Halo movie, plus we tell you why you should be watching Defiance & whether or not True Blood is ever…


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  • Sean Price Episode Featuring Special Guest Dallas Penn (FanBrosShow)

        Sean Price? One half of the legendary Heltah Skeltah? Sean Price? Founding member of the Boot Camp Clique? Associate of the youth collective known as the Decepticons? Current Hip-Hop champion aka your favorite mc’s worst nightmare is also a FanBro? Of course he is you silly mortal, you think you get to be…

  • X-MEN-LEGACY-6-Cover

    COMICS YOU SHOULD READ – “X-Men: Legacy”

    Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Tan Eng Huat Synopsis: The premise of X-Men: Legacy has shifted focus several times over the years, from that of Professor X’s solo adventures to Rogue educating mutant children, and now the story focuses on David Haller aka Legion. Legion is the son of mutant leader and X-Men founder, Professor X, who recognizes that…

  • #SorryNotSorry

    Thoughts on the Throne (Ep. 410)

    Here we are. What some are calling the best finale in GoT’s run so far. I don’t agree, but it was a crazy, bombshell-laden episode. Let’s get into it, shall we? 

  • Riddick

    REVIEW – Riddick

    The Chronicles of Riddick and a couple of bonehead comedies nearly bankrupt Vin Diesel’s Hollywood box office bankability and drained his star appeal.  Luckily, he was able to find some exec to give him a line of credit as he reattached himself to the Fast and Furious franchise which he had abandoned previously.  With an…

  • The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 7: recap

    After the last episode, The Boondocks could have gone anywhere, like up. Sad to say they didn’t. Now, I know this season Grandad has signed the family into slavery but besides that being a very uncomfortable storyline, this episode took it too far. The Freemans aren’t just slaves on paper, this week they’re living it….

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