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  • Ladies Night

    Ladies Night Feat. Sammus & Girl Gone Geek (FanBrosShow No. 53)

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      That’s right folks it’s Ladies Night here at FanBrosShow as DJ BenHaMeen becomes the only man on the spaceship. Of course Tatiana King is there as the co captain but we also welcome back Girl Gone Geek to the ship and not only that but we also introduce Sammus to the world of the…

  • The Locked Room

    The Locked Room – True Detective Recap (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


    The Locked Room is the third episode of HBO’s new crime drama True Detective. Since this show is one of the best that we have seen at FanBros we decided to bring back our Special Delivery episodes to discuss the latest episode The Locked Room. Kimsonian and DJ Benhameen still aren’t sure what the big…

  • Young Guru

    FanBrosShow No. 40 – The Young Guru Episode

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      Young Guru is one of those people in the business who is always going to tell it to you straight, and on the episode of FanBrosShow he brings that same sensibility to the spaceship. There’s so much knowledge dropped on this episode that I don’t know where to start but we speak on whether…

  • No Love For Black Jesus

    FBS Special Delivery No. 36 – No Love For Black Jesus


            On the latest Special Delivery the FanBros show no love for Black Jesus, even though his herald Chico Leo joins Kimsonian for this rundown of the best in television. Instead of showing more love for the Chocolate Messiah the FanBros speak on True Blood, The Strain, Extant and a few more…

  • Top Tokens In Science Fiction

    The Top Tokens In Science Fiction Episode (FanBrosShow)


    Yup we had to do it, since today is Halloween and you’ll see plenty of weird slightly racist costumes we decided to revisit our Top Tokens In Science Fiction list and do a show about it. Not that Top Tokens In Science Fiction is all we talk about, we also stir up the age old…

  • Jon Snow

    The Jon Snow Knows Nothing Episode (FBS Special Delivery No. 28)

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        Art by AcidBetta Jon Snow finally gets his time to shine on the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, The Watchers On The Wall and we here at FanBrosShow are here to bring you the recap that you’ve been waiting on. Not only do we cover Jon Snow and his defense of Castle…


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  • Korra_S4_EP02_01

    The Legend of Korra: “The Coronation” REVIEW

    This week’s episode of The Legend of Korra was all about politics. While it may have been short on action, sometimes one has to slow down to lay the ground work for the larger elements later on. With all the major players in place, “The Coronation” steps back so the conflict can grow. Do not…

  • Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.05.32 AM

    Marvel Superheroes And Villians Yet To Appear In Movies (LIST)

    I came across this infographic about some comic characters that haven’t made it to the big screen yet and had to share it with my fellow Fanbros, comic heads, and the everyday people who are only here because Captain America drops tomorrow. There are definitely some worthy picks amongst the ten but I’ll give you…

  • breaking_bad

    Breaking Bad is Overrated and Over-hyped

    Breaking Bad is Overrated. Yes, yes, I know. Your mind has been blown.  Now if you will kindly shove all your grey matter back into the remains of your skull let me explain why I think so.

  • RayDonovan

    Thoughts On … Ray Donovan

    “Aight he was half a fag. I walked in on ‘im once. Didn’t know what the fuck he was doing.” ~ Sully This episode had some great moments as the family attends Terry’s ‘Fite Nite’; Sully finally sets his plan in motion to enact his revenge.  A sigh of relief is released nationwide as we…

  • Korra_ep-11_H

    The Legend of Korra: “Ultimatum” REVIEW

    By the end of The Empire Strikes Back, it appeared our heroes were done for. The Rebel forces’ were in retreat, Cloud City was now controlled by the Empire, Solo frozen in carbonite and Luke’s father cut his hand off. By the end of “Ultimatum” Korra and allies are in no better position. Team Avatar…

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  • Risen_01

    FanBros Originals Presents – Risen: Baron & Bride

    Just as Fan Bros aren’t always just bros, they are often not just fans. When one such listener, Mohammed, contacted us wanting to debut his IP as part of the Originals line, we were happy to discuss it. We established some parameters and it’s safe to say he and his team went above and beyond.the…

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.16.17 PM

    FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Five – Make It There

    This week’s story is entitled MAKE IT THERE, written by Sebastian Girner, a former Marvel editor of a ton of great stuff including one of my favorite titles PUNISHERMAX and current editor of two upcoming Image titles BLACK SCIENCE and DEADLY CLASS. Art is handled by New Orleans newcomer Kendall Goode, who you’ll be seeing…

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