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  • Geek Protest Episode

    The Geek Protest Episode Feat. Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez (FBS No. 64)

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    The Geek Protest Episode takes actually takes place live from Bergen St Comics. How trill is that? Very trill folks. The FanBros travel to Bergen St and meet up with the creators of the incredible new comic Tech Jacket. Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez join us to discuss their new creation and other geek information….

  • Willow Smith

    The Willow Smith WTF Episode (FanBrosShow No. 49)


    Willow Smith??? Don’t get too hyped up now, Willow Smith didn’t take time off from taking pictures that she probably should have kept to herself to join us in the spaceship. We did however have a special mystery guest and one of the illest episodes in FanBrosShow History. No Willow Smith? No problem as the…

  • fanbros_special2

    State Of Television Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


        The State Of Television episode is a very special episode of FanBrosShow as the FanBros break down the State of Television today and what you should and shouldn’t be watching on the tube these days including Boardwalk Empire, Hell On Wheels, Sleepy Hollow and more. We also speak on Agents of SHIELD and…

  • Jon Snow

    The Jon Snow Knows Nothing Episode (FBS Special Delivery No. 28)

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        Art by AcidBetta Jon Snow finally gets his time to shine on the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, The Watchers On The Wall and we here at FanBrosShow are here to bring you the recap that you’ve been waiting on. Not only do we cover Jon Snow and his defense of Castle…

  • The Walking Dead Season Preview

    The Walking Dead Season Preview Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


    The Walking Dead Season Preview episode kicks off another season of the show that the FanBros love to hate, The Walking Dead. There’s so much content coming this week that I’m not even going to waste time with a long intro, just go ahead and press play on this episode and make sure that you…

  • Who Is The Yellow King Episode

    FBS Special Delivery: Who Is The Yellow King Episode?


        Who Is The Yellow King Episode FanBros Special Delivery returns with our usual coverage of The Walking Dead & True Detective. The latest episode of  The Walking Dead is entitled “Claimed” and we speak on the Michonne & Carl connection as well as Glenn playing the role of the resident dick of the…

  • No Love For Black Jesus

    FBS Special Delivery No. 36 – No Love For Black Jesus


            On the latest Special Delivery the FanBros show no love for Black Jesus, even though his herald Chico Leo joins Kimsonian for this rundown of the best in television. Instead of showing more love for the Chocolate Messiah the FanBros speak on True Blood, The Strain, Extant and a few more…

  • The Confessions Episode

    Ben Affleck Is Batman Episode? (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


      Ben Affleck Is Batman? Yeah the news hit last night so the FanBros had to convene to discuss the horror that has been unleashed upon the geek world. Since Chico couldn’t make it into the escape pod I was joined by Jamie Righetti and Tatiana King to discuss Batfleck, the latest episode of Breaking…

  • FanBrosShow Interviews Geoff Darrow

    FanBrosShow Interviews Geoff Darrow (Live From NYCC2013)

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      The FanBrosShow interviews Geoff Darrow live at New York Comic Con 2013. This interview is nothing like I would have expected, as Geoff is one of the funniest people I have met and we went off on tangents ranging from The Flying Guillotine to the movie Teeth and why Pacific Rim is like a…

  • Walt And Jesse Breakup

    The Walt And Jesse BreakUp Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


        The Walt And Jesse Breakup Episode of FanBrosShow is a doozy folks. Chico Leo and Tatiana King convene to discuss Jesse finally giving Walt the old heave ho, as their relationship goes from tenuous to outright straight up and down beef in the “Rabid Dog” episode of Breaking Bad. Walt and Jesse breakup…


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  • BreakingBad_2

    Thoughts On …

    This week’s episode of Breaking Bad The episode started off with a flash forward to scruffy Future Walt retrieving a crowbar from the trunk and returning to his now derelict home. The purpose of this house call is to retrieve a vial of ricin, so we at least know that Scruffy Future Walt still employs…

  • OB_13180.CR2

    Spike Lee’s OldBoy Will Make You Hate Humanity (Review)

    Not pictured: The part of the film that makes you hate humanity.   Spike Lee’s Oldboy will make you hate humanity. Okay maybe not hate but trust me this isn’t the kind of movie you take a first date on. Unless you’re going out with a Suicide Girl. I walked into Spike Lee’s Oldboy with…

  • Will Hollywood Ever Escape The Remake Curse? (Editorial)

    Will Hollywood Ever Escape The Remake Curse? (Editorial)

    In this article Canadian Winter explores why Hollywood continues to fall victim to the Remake Curse, and what can be done to kill this beast. You could start by going to see Pacific Rim. – Editor So…here we are. Right in the eye of the annual summer blockbuster hurricane. In all the chaos, Iron Man 3 jogged…

  • X-MEN-LEGACY-6-Cover

    COMICS YOU SHOULD READ – “X-Men: Legacy”

    Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Tan Eng Huat Synopsis: The premise of X-Men: Legacy has shifted focus several times over the years, from that of Professor X’s solo adventures to Rogue educating mutant children, and now the story focuses on David Haller aka Legion. Legion is the son of mutant leader and X-Men founder, Professor X, who recognizes that…

  • valerietomas

    Honarary Fanbro: Valerie Thomas

    They say art imitates life, but what about science fiction? Gamma ray guns, teleportation devices, holograms, and many other devices have yet to be based on anything in real-life. However, some scientists have made strides to invent some of these fantastic machines. In honor of Black history month I chose to highlight Black American female…

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  • Fearless Future

    FanBros Originals – Fearless Future: Issue Two – Hidden Track

    Well after last week’s somewhat dark premiere episode of Fearless Future, we return with the second installment under the banner “Hidden Track”. This episode was written by Josh Tierney with art by Afu Chan. Fearless Future is the first series of stories under the FanBros Originals brand, which is our new line of creator owned…

  • Risen_cover_B-472x700

    FanBros Originals Presents – Risen: Baron & Bride (Part Three)

                Mohammed Sillah & Nathan Slack return with the third part of their tale Risen: Baron & Bride (Part Three) in this sequel to the previously published Originals chapter. You can find the first, and second parts here and then return to continue the story of love and loss, betrayal and…

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