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    The Dexter Season Premier Episode (Fan Bros Show)


        The Dexter Season Premier episode with another great moment from Chico Leo, before we can even to break down the Dexter season premier Chico argues why R. Kelly should play the Master Chief in the Halo movie, plus we tell you why you should be watching Defiance & whether or not True Blood is ever…

  • Leftovers Finale

    Is The Leftovers Finale Any Good? (FBS Special Delivery No. 40)

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    It’s The Leftovers Finale Review Episode! Are you not entertained? I mean if The Leftovers Finale review of “The Prodigal Son Returns” doesn’t entertain you then you can still enjoy Kimsonian & Chico Leo expounding upon the premier of the final season of Boardwalk Empire! The first episode of the last season of Boardwalk Empire…

  • The Thanksgiving Episode

    The Thanksgiving Episode Feat. Spike Lee & Malcolm D. Lee (FanBrosShow)

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        Malcolm D. Lee joins the FanBros for the extra large Thanksgiving Episode, and of course we speak on the USA Today “race themed” headline fiasco. Benhameen gets a little heated over the nonsense and we discuss why The Best Man Holiday is a film that has a universal message in addition to being…


    The Confessions Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)

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        The Confessions Episode is the one you’ve been waiting for, as BenHaMeen confesses his love of Breaking Bad’s Sklyar and why she’s the hottest woman on the planet. No not really….  Instead on the latest episode of FanBrosShow Special Delivery Chico Leo reports on the state of television today, in particular last night’s…

  • Jon Snow

    The Jon Snow Knows Nothing Episode (FBS Special Delivery No. 28)

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        Art by AcidBetta Jon Snow finally gets his time to shine on the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, The Watchers On The Wall and we here at FanBrosShow are here to bring you the recap that you’ve been waiting on. Not only do we cover Jon Snow and his defense of Castle…

  • X Men

    X Men: Days Of Future Past Preview Episode (FanBrosShow No. 51)


      X Men: Days Of Future Past drops this Friday so we here at FanBrosShow are going to break it down to the very last compound just for you. Benhameen, Tatiana, and Chico Leo converge to give you the ins and outs of the newest film and the comics that inspired it. Not only that…

  • The Trial Of Tyrion

    The Trial Of Tyrion Episode (FBS Special Delivery No. 24)


      The Trial Of Tyrion was everything that we expected it to be, and I have to say had one of the more heart wrenching moments for our little dwarf Tyrion, as if his life hasn’t been difficult enough. But alas it’s not all dark moments on this Special Delivery, as not only do we…


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  • Junot Diaz On Why Comics Are So Important & More (VIDEO)

    Junot Diaz On Why Comics Are So Important & More (VIDEO)

    Junot Diaz On Why Comics Are So Important & More Junot Diaz is one of the most important authors today, having already written the instant classics Drown and The Brief Wondorous Life Of Oscar Wao, two books that should be on your reading list if they aren’t already. His latest novel This Is How You Lose Her just arrived…

  • QStorm Reviews Guardians Of The Galaxy

    FanBrosTV: QStorm Reviews Guardians Of The Galaxy

      QStorm Reviews Guardians Of The Galaxy The reviews for Guardians of The Galaxy keep pouring in, and of course our very own Qstorm had to drop by with his take on the film. Make sure you check out IllaYC with his written review and then sit back and peep Q explain why he thinks…

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    John Stewart Was The Real Star Of Justice League (EDITORIAL)

      Green Lantern John Stewart first appeared December 1st 1971 in Green Lantern #87. Created by Dennis o’Neil and Neal Adams, he is – without doubt – best known for his role on Justice League (2001-2006). More than just one of the founding members, he is the show’s core and I’m here to tell you…

  • RayDonovan

    Thoughts On …

    This week’s episode of Ray Donovan: Van Miller’s hallucination’s while subtle at first, provided great comic relief as they progressively became weirder. Ray’s surprise visit to the limo driver was an unexpected solution to the Deonte Brown fiasco.

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    The Sisters of Mercy – Webseries Trailer

    Farmer Vision Media, a collective of young Canadian filmmakers, recently released the trailer for their upcoming webseries, The Sisters of Mercy. The group made a conscious decision to have their projects reflect the ethnic diversity seen in Toronto, where the series is filmed. The Sisters of Mercy specifically addresses the lack of female superheroes and…

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    FanBros Originals Presents – Risen: Baron & Bride (Part Two)

      Mohammed Sillah & Nathan Slack return with the second part of their tale Risen: Baron & Bride (Part Two) in this sequel to the previously published Originals chapter. You can find the first part here, and then return to continue the story of love and loss, betrayal and revenge, and all of the ingredients…

  • Risen_01

    FanBros Originals Presents – Risen: Baron & Bride

    Just as Fan Bros aren’t always just bros, they are often not just fans. When one such listener, Mohammed, contacted us wanting to debut his IP as part of the Originals line, we were happy to discuss it. We established some parameters and it’s safe to say he and his team went above and beyond.the…

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